Tom Needs A Housewife…part5

    Tom’s pov

   Since Anabella came in my house everything has changed, even from first meeting on casting she fell in my heart. i didnt want to show her my feelings. im not good in it but i could at last act good with her but i dont’t know why i didnt do it. i love how she does everything at home and how quiet she is, i would love to ask her to go out, or to just eat with her while i am eating but something holds me and this something will take her away from me and i feel it.

  Already four week passed since she moved at our house and i turned her life into hell. i can’t even understand what makes me act the way i do but i act. One night i woke up after having dream about her, my head couldn’t stop thinking about her and decided to see her no matter what i woud be able to do. including hurting myself if it would be necessar. So i started to walk in house and hope that i would find her somewhere but no she was nowhere

-fuck she must be sleeping”

i mumbled but that second evil thought ran in my head and went directly in her room. without nocking entered in and looked at her

-I am hungry, where are you”

she was almost sleeping and without opening eyes answered

-but everything is in fridge”

i took annoyed look and looked at her , she was still with closed eyes

-excuse me? I said I am hungry, move your ass up and make meal for me”

tis time she opened eyes wide and i left room smiling wide. i knew she would come , she had to come since i told her this and she did

-what you want to eat?”

i answered with cold voice and she sigh, turned around and started to cook something. that second whole kitchen got full with perfect smell and i couldn’t deny she was cooking perfectly. my eyes never leave her.  was looking at her every move and counting every breath. she was whispering somethin to herself but i couldn’t hear since i was drown in my thoughts. i so wanted her to turn arounf and move close to me, to tell me something or show me that she had some feelings towards to me but nothing like this happed. she just finished cooking and placed everything on table, then turned around and left without word. i felt horrible that second but smell of meal took me away and i eat everything. to be honest i never eat this much but i eat whole plate that time.

   as she was trying to avoid me everytime i was appearing close i started to go in her room every night and ask for food. she was standing up from bed and coming in kitchen. every next time i wanted herto prepare meal which would need long time so i could admire her every way. i knew how she breaths when she is angry, how her lips were moving when she was whispering things and didn’t want me to see her. i acter with her like pig but there was no way to have her close. at last i thought so .

   once me and boys were going to make photoshoot somewhere in town and we had to leave house for two days

-Tobias , tell her that we are going , and let her some money£”
he looked at me with narrow eyes but accepted and left. whole mornign till leaving i was trying to see her but i couldn’t she didn’t come out from her room.

   Whole time while we were on photoshoot i couldn’t concentrate on work. with talking to everyone and about everyting thought would help me to forget her but it didn’t help at all.

-Tom wat is going on with you ?”

Bill screamed and i shacked head

-how nothing ? you are not with us since we left house”

-nothing happen Bill you can rest”

 with everything whole day was rainig and when we decided to come back in city storm started

-Tom we are staying here for a night”

i hear David calling but i shacked head

-no i must go , i forgot to feed my dog”

i knew this was poor lie but i couldn’t think at anything i needed to see her as soon as it was possible.

   That second i jump in my car and drived back at home. storm was getting heavier when i reached to neighborhood and lights were out i every house

-shit she must be scared”

was the furst thought which rain in my head after seeing house all in darkness. without worrying about car i ran at home and opened door with my keys, being all soaked i started to seatch her in house but she was nowhere

-what the hell, whereis she, Anabella”

I call her name and went upstairs, maybe she was somewhere there. slowly undressing myself i reached to my bedroom and wide smile covered my face. she was there, sleeping calmly in my bed and didnt even have clue that i was looking at her. slowly i approached to her and sat on bed. i was watching her face, lighted but thunders and coulsn’t believe in to my eyes. she was so beautiful, so calm and pretty

-you are here”

i smiled and caressed her cheeks softly, her long hair and smiled even wider seeing she was dressed in my shirt

-oh you “

i whispered and saw her moving in bed softly, for one second my heart stopped. i didn’t want her to see me there . it was too early to let her know everything what was happenning in my head. slowly i stood up and left room. without guessing that whole house was dirty with my boots prints, i left house smiling wide and drove trough city…

To be continued…

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